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Tadi gw coba buat ngisi all about me on facebook gitu dan hasilnya ini:

Muhammad.Ersa answered 'The Basics' questions:

Hair Color: black
Eye Color: black
Height: 170
Profession: student
Relationship Status: jomblo meenn.. ahahah
Religious Views: moslem

Muhammad.Ersa answered 'My Favorites' questions in All about me:
Favorite Color: white, pink,purple,blue,yellow,orange,red,gold,silver
Favorite Car: honda jazz,ferari,nissan,bmw,mercedez benz,VW.
Favorite Movie: all movies i like it
Favorite Hobby: Singing [always singing]
Favorite Book/Author: Novel,comics
Favorite School Subject: Math,English,Indonesian
Favorite Vacation Destination: Paris,Singapore,Japan,Korea,Hongkong,USA,UK
Favorite Food: Japanese Food,Indonesian Food,European Food. [I LOVE FOOD] maruuk gw. hahah
Favorite Restaurant: Pokoknya yang makanannya enak gw pasti sukaa...
Favorite Animal: Cat,Rabbit
Favorite Store: Centro,TopMan [fashion shops]
Favorite Baby Name: Diva
Favorite Person In Your Life: my mom...

Muhammad.Ersa answered 'This or That' questions in All abou me:

Chocolate or Vanilla: ALL ! [dibilangin gw maruk] :P
Big Mac or Whopper: Big mac
Coke or Pepsi : coke
Beer or Wine: wine
Coffee or Tea: ALL ! [maruk mode: on]
Apple Juice or O.J.: apple juice
Facebook or MySpace: facebook
Summer or Winter: winter
Windows or Mac: mac
Cats or Dogs: cats
Chips or Popcorn: ALL [maruk again]
Salty or Sweet: all [maruk yeaah!]
Plane or Boat: plane
Morning or Night: morning
Movie or Play: play
Walk or Drive: walk
Money or Love: all ! can't choose... Love can't life without money.. [harii gini gitu lhoo..]
Breakfast or Dinner: breakfast [dinner make me more fat !]
Forgiveness or Revenge: forgiveness [i'm a good and kind person]
Paint or Wallpaper: wallpaper
House or Apartment: house

Muhammad.Ersa answered 'Do You?' questions in All about me:

Smoke: no! i don't like smoke
Drink: no ! [HARAM!]
Exercise: Run
Spend Your Life On Facebook: sometimes
Love Your Job: belom kerja
Like To Cook: yes..!! i like cook...
Play An Instrument: piano [just a litlle] lagi belajar walaupun otodidak juga..
Sing: Yeeees !!!! i can't life without sing.. *lebai
Dance: aha..
Speak Multiple Languages: english [dikit-dikit *mix with indonesian] boso jowo jugaa.. [tuntutan pergaulan]
Ice Skate: NO..!!* bisa ngusruk gw...
Paint: paint manga and clothes design
Write: write my blog...
Ski: indonesia gak ada salju..

Muhammad.Ersa answered 'Have You Ever' questions in all About me:

Cheated On A Test: hahaah [kalo kepepet dan emang udah tradisi]
Cheated In A Relationship: no... [aku setia..]
Failed A Class: no... [naik kelas teruus..]
Eaten Food Off The Floor: no yaieks jijik..
Stuck Gum Under A Desk: no jijik and jorok...
Cried During A Movie: never...

Muhammad.Ersa answered 'Values' questions in all about me:
Describe Yourself In One Word: unique
Biggest Fear: nervous
Your Proudest Accomplishment: sering menang lomba nyanyi... hehehe
#1 Priority In Your Life: GOD,my parents and my family,my dream,education
Dream Job: Singer...
Special Talents: Singing...
Where Are You Right Now: di depan computer
Famous Person You Want To Meet: dewis sandra,mariah carey,oprah

Muhammad.Ersa answered 'Personal' questions in All about me:

Have you laughed until you cried: gak pernah sih cuman sampe sakit perut doang...
Have you found out who your true friends were: yes..
Met someone who changed you: not yet
Kissed anyone on your friends list: not yet
What were you doing at midnight last night: i was sleep
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yes.. tommy anak XI-IA..
What are you listening to right now: jazz songs
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: Laptop or notebook
Last time you saw your father : tadi 2 jam yang lalu
Most visited webpage: zara website,top man [fashion website]

Muhammad.Ersa answered 'Firsts' questions in all about me:
First best friend : ghani...
First pet : fish..
First concert : UGM HIV DAYS CONCERT..
First crush : waktu kecil tk..

Muhammad.Ersa answered 'As of Now' questions in all about me:
I am listening to: musics
Maybe I should: eat and drink starbucks
I love: you all hehehe♥
My best friend(s): ghani,hafidh,ndut,deya,dudul,nawendah,citra
I don't understand: fisika..
The meaning of my display name is: my real name
Do you like parties?: yees!!!
Today I: holiday...
I wish: my dreams will be comes true..

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