Idul Adha Outfits

9:21 AM


Top: East India. Watches: Levi's.
Bracelets: My Collections. Jeans: My Old Stock.

Hey all, this day is Idul Adha 1430 H. And of course i got a long holiday for it, i got 6 days holiday...
Yeaaay it's a long long holiday isn't it? And i take some picture after Sholat Ied, and this week is a greatfull week than another weeks in this year. Because i got a new gadget and new handphone too. Love this week so much !!

Lebaran getting wild... haha [strange]
raaaawr XP

.Happy Idul Adha 1430 H.


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  1. hey you.. the lookbook boy! thank's for folwin my twitter and put me in your blog roll. surely i'll do the same. have a great time! please feel free to drop any comment in my blog.. i won't bite. Teehee. ! <3333333333

  2. owkay, thank you deaar.. i already comment on your blog.


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