What a Wonderfull Sunday

7:52 PM

Hey all, this day is wonderfull sunday yippie X)

Btw i went to shopping with my mom in malioboro [our favorite place to shopping]. Then we were bought some things, and i got my new baby. I got the things what i want yess [finally]. I got gladiator sandal hieeee, actually it's not gladiator sandals but it's similar with that. I bought local brand sandals, it's so cheap i got 50% discount. I bought the sandals only 43.000 rupiah [under Rp50.000] cheap right?.Then i bought some bracelets, 5.000 rupiah for 3 bracelets. And we bought some snacks, and my mum bought batik dress. Hahahaha.


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2 komentar

  1. waww murah" banget :D
    posting photo"nya dong biar seru ;;))

  2. owkay nanti kalo aku posting new outfits nanti aku posting photo2nya.. owkay?


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