Special Posting For Year End

1:09 PM

Enjoy The Day

Hey all, i will post my daily outfits again after i posted so many greetings yesterday. Now i really enjoy my holiday and the last day in 2009. Because holiday only one week more start from today, so school will start in 4 January 2010. I get 10 days for holiday, is it enough? Big NO ! So i will enjoy my holiday, altough i only stay in Jogja, don't have vacation or go somewhere but i really enjoy it. I think i will be busy after this holiday. Because in third class now, automaticly i must join national exam next year and will searching university, to continue my study in college. So i must enjoy this holiday, and i wish you can enjoy the hoiday too. As usually i post some daily outfits photos, check it:


Oversize Longsleeve shirt: From My Dad. White Basic tees: Centro. Denim Shorts: MCM Luxury Jeans. Rainbow Beads Necklace: Dante Aceccories. Watch: Adidas

2010 Resoultions

Secondly i will post the resolution for 2010....

Hope my wish will be come true, what your 2010 resoultion? I hope your wish will be come true too. Happy new year 2010, i wish we can get beautifull moment all along 2010. And i hope we will have a good luck in 2010. God Bless Us. Let's welcome 2010 with new spirit and happiness :)

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35 komentar

  1. cool!

    i heart the necklace.. :)

  2. Echaaaaa ! :D
    thanks for your comment on my blog ! hahaha
    and good luck on your 2010 resolution ! I'm freakin' jealous at your Ray Ban Clubmasters !! I wanna have one !

  3. @talita: ow tahnk you dear, good luck too..
    hahaha... you can buy it in malioboro... hehe :P

  4. yeaaah,i hope too u've girlfriend soon echa...hahaaaa....

  5. thanks for your comment on my blog yaaa and love your plaid shirt:)))

    mind to exchange link?


  6. Great 2010 resolutions, and very cool outfit!

  7. Love your shirt..
    and may you can achieve all your resolutions, Echa! Happy holidays! =)

    COOL BLOG, I'm following. :)

  9. happy holidays to you! have a great 2010. and oh great resolutions too. :)

    love the rainbow necklace and those shoes. :)

  10. @Novita: Hahaha i hope soo much, i have a girl friend! ahahaha

    @whatnasanwants: Haha :) thx for the comment

    @ regina: haha you are welcome, thank you.. i already linked you...

  11. @ The divintus: Thank you..

    @yessi: amin, tahnkyou yessi, happy holiday too..

    @urooba: Thank you, be a pleasure..

    @ Noelle: Thank you noe...

    For all: thx for the comment i really apreciate it... Have a great 2010.. wish 2010 will be better than 2009 Amin. !

  12. Hi!

    Thank u for checking out my blog!
    I follow you :)


  13. hope your new year resolutions come true! all the best!
    have a great holiday too

  14. wish you a great luck for your 2010 resolution!!!

  15. Good luck with your resolutions and with school. I also can't believe that ITS SO SOON. NOOOO. I love the holidays!

    And your necklace is AMAZING. I remember making things like that when I was younger! So much fun.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  16. Ohh I love your new header ! x) And great outfit , love the rainbow necklace :D Happy new year to you ! Hope the resolutions will come true ! And yeah that's so sad to go to school again uggghhh . I've followed your twitter btw ! @beckyregina

  17. @Marcos: you are welcome... thx for following..

    @fhen: thank you.. amiin :)

    @ Anastasya: Thank youu amiin..

    @ Lexy: haha thank you lexy.. oh yaa it's really fun!

    @becky: thankyou becky... happy new year too ! amin, wish you get happiness in 2010.. thx for follow my twitter :) i already followed you back ! :D

  18. for all: thankyou for the comment, i really apreciate it..

  19. thanks for following my blog,
    i too like your style.
    Kisses, i follow

  20. good luck for ur resolution echa :)
    happy new year ! i love ur necklace :D


  21. Hi Echa tell me if you've updated your blog ! I don't want to miss it . Haha .

  22. Hi echa! Thanks for your comments on my blog :) I've linked you, anyway. And I put my name on your followes list! Thankie lovey!


  23. @ Jesus: Ow thank you

    @ms.Gee: ok thx ms. Gee...

    @Becky: Ok of course sweety :)

    @thischiksgotstyle: Thank you :)

    @ Amalia: Thx for the following and linked my blog.. i will linked your blog too ;)

  24. the last new year resolution is cute ;)

    your blog is a good source for inspiration .
    many thanks to the comment you left :D

    visit / comment / follow me .
    glisters and blisters

  25. hi kamu echa..mirip deh sama koko aku ( panggilan buak kk chnz)
    ni FB nya kalau mau liat photonya.haha
    no offense yah ,bukan bermaksud mirip"in tapi photo" kamu di atas ngingetin aku sama koko aku .

  26. @fitri: oh yaa? jadi penasaran hahaha!

    To All: thx for the comment yaa, i really apreciate it :D

  27. Great look! Is nice =) Thanks for you visit on my blog. I follow you! <3 Do you follow me? xD Greetings

  28. @alejo: thx for follow my blog :) be a pleasure, i already follow your blog back, i really apreciate it! :) many thank you for you dude :D

  29. nice shirt, echa!
    i'll pray for you,
    so that, your hopes were answered this year!
    great header, great layout...

  30. @velo: aaw thank you velo :D i hope so..

    @michelle: you are welcome chelle :D


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