Hello camera

9:07 PM

Hello i wanna post my latest photos, i did this photoshoot in last holiday. As you know i really love with camera, i love photo session that's make me feel so happy :) So shut up and let's see the photos...

The Accecories I love the studed bracelets

And i really really love with this

Studed Sneakers

T-shirt: RTC Basic Tees. Black skinny Jeans: From Jeans Taylor. Gloves: Biker Shop.
Denim Jackets: Energy.
Studed Bracelets: Malioboro. Glasses: RB Space. Vedora: Details.
Studed Sneakers: Airwalk

Now i'm very hectic to prepare my examination so i'm very sorry if i can't update my blog oftenly :)

Thanks for all comments i really apreciate it :) And thank you for follow my blog. If you want please follow my blog [you can use google account or blog lovin'], and follow my twitter. Thank you...

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18 komentar

  1. I heart the location!! It's so great for taking that kind of photos. You look like having so much fun. Wish I were there.

    Keep up your good blog,lovey! :)


  2. Love the photos! your fedora and sneakers are great! where did you take those photoshoot?

  3. echa . you are one stylish man !
    cant find another person that's as stylish and fierce as u are !

    thanks for the sweet comments dear :D
    loved this post very much .
    thanks for sharing..

    visit / comment / follow me back at..

  4. You look super great ! The photos are so beautiful ! Love your hat and shoes :D Cool !

  5. Echa!! the studded sneakers is gorgeous!! I like it :)

    good luck for your exam!!

  6. all u're pic is amazing...
    n u're sneakers so cool :)

  7. fedora is great and i heart your sneakers!
    good luck for your exam and gambatte!

  8. love ur photos! and the location! and the sneakers are so cool :D haha

  9. echa!! wow, u're blog is getting greater and greater!! cool looks! love all ur accesorries, i wish my boy know how to dress like u :PP

    i've followed ur blog :DD

    do u mind to follow me back? thanks a bunch!

    *smooch smooch

  10. to all: thank you for lovely comment.. i really apreciate it, and thank you for followed my blog too :D

  11. haai echa..million thanks for u're invited..
    i'll post it in my next post cause now i'm feel lazy to writing in my blog..hahaaa..

  12. This post is AWESOME.
    I love your source of inspiration.

  13. its funny that you look exactly same as your t-shirt....=p

    if u dont bothered, pls visit my blog too
    thankyouuu XO

  14. @pipi: haha that's true..

    for all: thank you for all comment.. i really aprecaite it.. love you all


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