Be a Fighter

1:06 PM

Everyone must fight to get what their want, and take a better choice for their life. And now i will be a fighter to my future and take a good choice for my life. In this life we must be a tough person to face our life, if you can through the obstacle in your life, thats mean you will be ascend to the higher step in your life.
And now i really down with the situation in my life, and litlle boring with it. Oh god give me some sipirit, i need some spirit now. God, i know you will give me the best things in my life :) And i hope i can through this situation and will be ascend to the higher step in my life...

*give some spirits friends... :)

As usually i will post my outfits photos, here they are:


Army Badges Jacket: G.A.P. t-shirt: Aero sport. acid wash jeans.
sneakers: Reef. Eyewear: Ray Ban. Chain necklace.

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and thank you for your beautifull comments in my blog, such a big honour for me, and thank you for the peoples who visit my blog and for the followers thank you sooo much. *a bunch of thank you from me! :) see you in the next post :D

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17 komentar

  1. hihihi! kewl photos and kewl outfit! lucu ekspresinya kalo foto :)

  2. oh anw thanks for commenting my blog! hihi

  3. nice blog! :D I LIKE IT

    Follow my blog and I follow your blog:

    i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

    kiss from germany ;*)

  4. kick ass look as usual echa !
    happy belated cny + valentines !

    many thanks for the sweet comments .
    visit - follow - comment me

  5. hi Echa, thanks for the lovely comment in my blog :)
    you look great, too. i love the style of the jacket, that's very street-chic. and the editing in the first picture is nicely done, great muted colors, except the red parts. keep posting good stuffs!

    p.s. let's exchange links? :)

  6. love your tee, echaa. btw how are you and your TO ? :D as for me I'm doing good though my life's taken out by some deadlines recently hehehe..

  7. @Piping: aw thanks piping

    @dressed to please: owkay i will follow you..

    @michelle: hehe

    @Vinda: thank you soo much,i already linked your blog...

    @Anastasya: thx.. my TO? haha no comment :D

  8. Semangat yaah! =)
    love the t-shirt.. and as always your photo rocks!

  9. hei echa!

    i am visiting while saying happy belated valentine! XD

  10. love that jacket; and love what you did with the colors of these photos!
    adore your blog! cant wait to stop by again soon!

  11. hallo,,,

    love ur tee
    the print on it is sooo awesome

    wanna exchange link???

  12. hey, thanks for commented on my blog, nice shots! i love your blog :]

  13. love your jacket! nice! so fancy.. :)

    i've followed ur blog, so now pls follow back..


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