Vacuum for a while

2:54 PM

Hey all, may not be important but just like you to know...

Now i want tell you all, i'll vacuum from this blog for a while, because i have to prepare for National exams and college entrance exams. So i will leave my blog-ing habit, and study for prepare my exams.

And now i'm very stressfull with the situation....

hope i can do the best, and can pass the exams....

I hope to pass the national exam and pass the college entrance tests. And i want reach my sucsess, and can graduate from my high school with a good mark and can be accepted at Gadjah Mada University. Amiin...

So i will vacum from this blog for a while
Start from Now!

will return next April

So friends give me the support and hope i can pass the tests, always hope the best for me yaa... And God please give me easy to go through all the exams, and help me to achieve succsess.

Wise words for today:

"From now not pray only with pray orally, but please pray with your heart."

As usually i will post my outfits photo, by the way was not in the mood to dress up today:

Leather jacket: Revenge. Cutted jeans short: DIY.
Abstract leopard shawl: from my mom. Eyewear: RayBan.

Please follow my blog [you can use google acoount or blog lovin'] and if you want please follow my twitter [you can click in my twitter buttons in my side bar].

Thank you so much for your comment in my blog. And thank you for the peoples who visit my blog, and for my sweety followers thank you so much dear !

See you on April...! And always wish me luck yaa~!

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22 komentar

  1. huaaaaa,,,
    lagi g mood aja bisa sekeren itu outfitnya
    what if u are in the mood,,,

    U follow my blog first
    then I'll follow urs

    goodluck with ur exam,,
    oh,, I was there,,,
    But thank's God I pass it well
    hope u do the same,,,


  2. Hello echa
    Thanks for your lovely comment :D
    Love your biker jacket
    I wish I get the brown one


  3. national exam is a big __________(fill in the blank)

  4. nice post
    good luck buddy
    enjoy yourself

    have a great weekend

  5. Ohh good luck for the tests Echa ! I know you can do great ! You're smart ! :D I'm going to miss your posts . Be sure to keep blogging after the tests ! Love your jacket btw :)

  6. you're preparing for your exam? same here, and it's totally build up the stress in me. but good luck for the both of us (i'm preparing for SIMAK UI)! :)

    anyway, mind to exchange link & follow each other?

  7. Haha you are SUPER glam! work it -]

  8. aww don't be stressed Echa. take things easily and they will take care of themselves. ;)

    great outfit, although i think you should downsize the leather jacket a bit. nice pairing it with shorts, btw. keep rocking!!

    and thank you for the sweet comments. xoxo.

  9. we are keeping our fingers crossed! good luck! :)

  10. april?? oh that's ooo long baby.... gonna miss ya! perfect outfit by the way! <333333

  11. i love mens blogs and i love your style! we will miss you while you are studying for exams!


  12. good luck with the exams echa !
    stay stylish :D

    thanks for the comments !
    visit - follow - comment me

  13. thanks for ur comment
    u're really stylish!

    well come back soon
    and when u do, mind to exchange link?


  14. OMG...!!! Really2 love your scarf... Love it...

    Follow me at Twitter @inbert

  15. All the best to you, and keep rockin' that leather.

  16. Good luck for your exams, Echa! can't wait to hear the good results. =)

  17. good luck echaaa!! :D

    btw i've followed ur blog, so pls follow me back.. thanks! :)

  18. good luck for the exams ya echaa.
    pa kabar sihh? hehee^^

    nice outfit dear!

  19. hi Echa! thanks for dropping by at my blog!
    weeeeeee I love that brown leather jacket! wish you all the best on your national exam ! :D


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