The Most Stylish Challange Experience

7:55 PM

Hey all, in this posting i want to share my experience at The Most Stylish Challenge. Before that i was warned that this would be a lot of photos in this posting. Now check this out:

The Fashion Class by Andre Poernomo

Beauty Class for the girls

Grooming for the boys

Meet and Greet with Pingkan Mambo

The Grand Fashion Show

Pingkan Mambo Performance

Lunch Before Shopping Rally

Before The shopping Rally, can't wait to spend 1 million rupiah's

Get the Voucher yeeeay!

One, Two, Three GO!

Shopping Rally tiime... Be a Smart Shopper Please?

By the way i spend Rp 1.070.000 for 10 items, in the shopping rally hehehe :)

After Shopping Rally, On stage for the Runway show..

Sweet and Cool Summer the Themes for my Look/ Outfits.

The big Three ( Miy, Dian Paramitha, and Me.)

with Blogger buddy (Miy, and Versicle)

After the Show

Thika from Versicle won as The Most favorite Finalists,
and Dian Paramitha won as The most stylish Onliners.

After the show, feels so tired and my face it's so weird LOL!

It's an unforgettable experience with the Finalists and the team! I really really enjoyed, and i want more the voucher... LOL! Thank you Centro

And thank you for the supports guys, i really apreciate it...

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and thank you for your beautifull comments in my blog, such a big honour for me, and thank you for the peoples who visit my blog and for the followers thank you sooo much. *a bunch of thank you from me! :) see you in the next post :D

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19 komentar

  1. Hyaaa.. that's me over there in the green dress and the purple beret!

    It was such a fine moment being four-day-celebrity for Centro.. hahaha.. and spending a million on the shopping rally~ great!

    I'll publish my post on it very soon. Wait and see, dear.. ;)


  2. hahah that's true :)
    owkay can't wait for your posting :)

  3. Hey echa ! like your blog name :)
    Great outfit. you are extravagant enough ya hahaha

  4. woohooo seems like a fun event there echa !!
    did u win though ??
    i love the summer look you created there !

  5. interesting post echa.
    i love shopping too! ;)

  6. Keren! enak bngt dapet shopping rally gratis. hehehe.. congrats yaaa... love your jeans shirt... ;p

  7. it looks like you had a really great time! thanks for sharing :)

  8. cool, asik echa :D ketemu ka jatu ya? tau ga?

  9. kenal, kenal di facebook sama twitter, btw lo beli apa aja cha, asik bgt deh :( tahun dpn ada lagi ga

  10. @ all: :) smiley!

    @rimma: tunggu aja ya dari info Centro..

  11. wow, that was so fun! envy you >.<
    LOVE, beauty splashes

  12. it must be great to take a part of a fab event!! you're so lucky echa!!

    and you are the big three? congratulations!!

  13. Oh ma gaaaaaddd. THAT RUNWAY IS INCREDIBLY. It looks like it belongs in, well, not real life! I LOVE IT.

    Great photos. Thanks for postinnn'

  14. @ all: thanks for the comments..
    @deekkyy: aw thank you, sure i will visit back :)

  15. Hey Echa! Lucky you! I love shopping, and i always envy people who could shopping for free! -_-

  16. that sounds fun! and congratulation! you got into the big 3! :D hahahha you must be a very good shopper :D

  17. WOW seems you had so much fun there. Seems like fashion is flourishing in Jogja now ;D Nice pants by the way!
    Don't forget to check my newest post echa......


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