Meilleur pour le Coeur

8:36 AM

Hey all, long time didn't update this blog. How are you? Do you miss me? LOL!

By the way, I am bored with my daily life, I've graduated school and now it's time to long holiday. But i only spend my time only at home sigh... Really bored. But every time i use to soothe my heart, calm my mind and povide the best for my heart. As long as you know i have a little problem that makes me a litlle bit down. But know it's time to recovery for my heart.

As usually i will post my outfits photos, this outfits inspire by Summer/Spring Collections.

Polo shirt: Converse. Pants: local clothing brand.
Bow tie: Vintage. Gloves: from my wardrobe.
White Sneakers. Eyewear: Ray Ban.

In this outfits, i gave a litlle touch of casual, sporty, lil a bit old school and vintage. And with accents on bow tie and the gloves. And spring touch on glasess and vedora hats, it's comfort to wear in summer or spring.

I really feel the spirit of spring and i'm pleased with the Summer/Spring Collections. Do you like it too?

By the way Roll up Pants very suitable for this Spring/ Summer, and who says boys can't wear Roll up Pants?

And i already wear it, Superb! Will post it next time :)

Thank you for read my blog, if you like my blog please follow [you can use google account or Bloglovin.] And thank you for your lovely comments, really apreciate it :)

See you in the next posting... !

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26 komentar

  1. cute bow tie!! and me likey those glove on you!

  2. chic and fabulous...great photos!!!follow you..

  3. oh thanks! I hope that you following me! :D


  4. really love this outfit especially your gloves!! sooo great

    XD nathalie

  5. well i things rolled pants is introducing by a boy cha... so i think isn't wrong if you wear it ... cause even a lot of us wear it now days its represent a boyish style or what ever is it called :D

    come visit mine...

  6. good outfit combination, i like your pants. def agree about men with rolled up pants.
    thank you for visiting and dropping comment on my blog btw :)

  7. echa ! i friggin love this style of you !
    probably one of my faves :)

  8. Uch. I know what you mean about boredom. But, on the plus side YOU LOOK FANTASTIC. And I love how you've editted the photos. Really rad.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. i like how you combine gloves and bow tie! remind me of Mickey Mouse in concert. Hahaha, it's compliment anyway, you look awesome, Echa.. :)

  10. Hey, Echa! how are you?
    hahaha.. long time no see.. and i love your outfit! nice hat... and yes, boys definitely can wear rolled up pants. ;)
    btw i am just the same as you, bored to the death! ahhahaah..

  11. thank you so much:)
    your blog's great!

  12. hi Echa (:
    love your bow tie! haha (:
    and those are the best outfit ever,i shall say (:

    i'm wondering if you want to follow my blog and link me back? :D coz i did ;P


  13. Hey Echa! How are you? You look so stylish! Love the hat and the bow tie :D Can't wait to see you wearing roll up pants!

  14. hay, fellas.
    waw, i really like your post.
    finally i can comment on your post since i always forget to comment :)
    nice blog..

  15. love this! bow tie is your signature, ya cha? hhahaha ;D

  16. i'm loving the bow tie mister!

  17. oh, boys... rolled-up pants are hyped. i should get one for myself!
    you have simple-classy look here, which is great for showing off some elegant mood. Cool, echa :)

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  20. echa love this outfit so much!
    i really like the 2nd photo
    by the way what camera do you use?


  21. freakin retro! great job on mixing the bowtie with collared shirt..

  22. oh i love you in the bow tie and the effect you use on the pictures add an edge.

    would you wanna exchange links


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