Hello June !

9:49 AM

Hey all, i'm back! Maybe this is just a short posting. I just wanna say hi to June, and i wana say hi to you all guys. Hello! i'm back on blogging world. I miss my blogging habits, i feels so lazy to upadte my blog lately LOL!

Lucien Thomkins for Zara June LookBook

In this posting, i want to post the fashion journal taken from The Fashionisto

This is from ZARA latest style updates. In preparation for summer, the focus from casual denim to clean neutral. I think it's very suitable for summer and can relaxing your mind with the clean neutral colors. And the style is mixed with casual style and conservative style. In some style can be seen casual touch with the rolled up pants. And overall this look can be called Smart Casual.

Whats your favorites outfits in this Looks?

By the way i wanna post my daily outfits in the next posting....

Thank you for your comments and for the readers and followers who visited my blog. I really apreciate it... See you~

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2 komentar

  1. yay i love the second and six's :)
    zara collection for spring-summer this year are myfaves :) its so casual and the colour pale are sweet and cute :D

    keep it rocks echa :D


  2. ZARA is one of my fav store!

    oh i love your blog
    wanna exchange link? ;)

    do join my giveaway
    it's so simple! ;)



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