June and July is Inseperable

11:41 AM

Hey i'm come back on July, i'm sorry i can't update this blog oftenly. I don't know why, i feel so lazy to update this blog. And now i have Tumblr account, click here for visit my Tumblr.

By the way i hope you have a new hope on July. I think july is a great month when sunshine shining so brightly, and the sky seems bright and very blue. Love it...

Do you think if June and July is Inseperable, like November and Desemebr, like Romeo and Juliette and like Apple and Cinnamons? If you don't think so, don't think about it LOL! :) But i think so hmm... But July is more beautifull than June.

So let's start a new hopes on July...

*This picture taken with my Kodak EasyShare P880.

Wanna post about fashion tomorrow :) see ya'

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