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Finally i can post my outfits photos, after all this time not posting this. Now the situation are getting better, after the volcano eruption in my town. Now no more gloomy day, cloudy day and dusty day, the sun shining so brightly. And the air is very clean and very fresh.



eagle t-shirt: from thailand. old cardigan. unbranded harem pants.
unbranded hat. bag: parachute. gladiator sandals: parachute.

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By the way, i love my old cardigan, i get this cardigan long time ago. After all this time i never wear it, now i wear it again. This cardigan is very comfortable, and my gladiator sandals are very comfy too...
And i love basic colors lately, like brown, white, khakhis and many more.


Trying to learn cooking, and i cook this...


"Macaroni Carbonara"

hehe :D

Thank you for read my blog, and visit my blog...

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23 komentar

  1. carbonara make me hungry and i like the casual comfort

  2. ur sandals and bag are fab
    feel free to follow xoxo
    twitter: @FASHION_ICE

  3. i like those sandels and that bag... gimmy gimmy please

    Vi from Cali

  4. great pictures echa!!
    love the cooking. although i kinda have problem with creamy meals, i have to admit that they're yummy.

  5. great look and yes im also loving neutral colours right now!

  6. lookin great and stylish as always!

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  8. casual outfit but it's so cool:)
    looks good on you:)

    and your carbonara really makes me hungry =3


  9. hey echa, i forgot ur from jogja!!!!

    glad to read that everything has gotten better. and i read some of ur other posts. ur so good in editing ur photos! envy you so bad!

  10. Your shirt is amazing! I love your bag, too! <3 And that macaroni looks super delicious *eats computer screen* :) :)

  11. I love the bag and your pasta. Thanks for sharing and come and visit me too when you have time.


  12. yum yum !
    i love ur tshirt echa :D
    and the sandals are really cool too !

    glisters and blisters

  13. love your graphos t-shirt!

  14. hello hun! aww. its good to know the weather's fine there now. oh heey i love your harem pants.. <3

    followed you on google so i can get in touch. hope youll do the same. take care! <3

    Taradiddles of style on a Budget

  15. So good to hear all's better now! :)
    your sandals r the mos amazing man-shoe i've ever seen ! <3

  16. I love ur t-shirt and hat! anyway ur new profile picture is cool :D

  17. OMYGOODNESS! Youre ASIAN, AND YOU LIKE FASHION, AND YOU'RE A GUY, AND YOU'RE NOT OLD! What more could I ask for, just found my partner in crime. I can not elaborate, how long I've been looking for a teen fashion blogger just like me, the asian-ness is just a bonus. Cute blog! Let's keep in touch because you're cool. I followed you through bloglovin'


  18. You live near the volcano eruption?? ouchh must be a bad experience..:( glad that u're doing well now :)

  19. @alvianaKalin: luckily my house is not too close with the volcano eruption...

  20. Hehe. I also love your cardigan!



    Best wishes,


  21. Love this look Echa ! And wow you can cook , I can't :(


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