The 2011 Roll Call

3:29 PM

Hey all, Happy New Year 2011 ! I know that's late ... This is my first posting in 2011, i wish in this year we will get soo many prosperity, have a better life, and of course the happy life :)

I will start the first posting in 2011 with photography post. A view time ago i make a little photoshoot with my photographer. Check this out...

ra1 copy2


ra11 copy

In this post i try to play with the lighting *not professional lighting actually just a lamp* but it's work so good. And i make some silhouette with the lights :)

ra9 copy


ra15 copy

in this post i try to build the Rapper image with the outfits... LOL! Sometimes i like play with thematic outfits.

ra2 copy

ra12 copy

ra10 copy


By the way i really love with this song lately, willow smith is really uber kewl !

Don't let haters keep me off my grind
Keep my head up i know I'll be fine
Keep fighting until i get there
When i'm down and i feel like giving up i think again
Willow Smith- Whip my Hair

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16 komentar

  1. You look like a true rapper! Hahaha. Loving your stripes blazer.

    Happy new year!


  2. i love the shadows that the lighting makes! this is a really cool shoot!

  3. love the hat touch to the outfit, gives a hip hop feel to a chic outfit

  4. the 2nd shot looks like you have RnB soul

  5. Nice photos
    love your blazer :))

    bytheway I've change my url


  6. i like willow smith too !
    btw love the short pants and blazer :B

  7. oh the one with lighting effects are awesome
    me likey!
    and im a fan of willow smith too!

  8. the lighting is fine! love these series of pics =D

  9. nice rapper look, echa.
    that's really cool !!

  10. i luv ur blazer!thanku for ur comment:)i've followed u:D follback if u dont mind!thankies

  11. echa you look totally amazing! nice shoot you have, you are such inspiration :)

  12. wow good job!!!

    xx Marina

  13. happy new year. *sigh* maybe this is the year photography will be my friend.

  14. nice blazer! it keeps the whole look from being too casual imo ;)

  15. you nailed it! you do look like a rapper in this shoot :)

  16. me likey the first photo !
    the lighting is really pretty !


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