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9:57 PM

I'm just wanna say hello to you all, after i didn't update this blog nearly 2 months. I'm sorry for my hiatus from the blogsphere, i'm such a lazy blogger lately... I really miss this blog and i miss you all :) Now i made a quick post, some photos and video. I hope to be able to pay all my hiatus last months...

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Black Bowler Hat: Chaussure Modest Shop
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Super tasty Tuna Sandwich


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I become Kpop lovers lately, and this video from a band named Urban Zakapa. A band that carry the flow of Korean Ballads music (K-ballads). I love this video with a slightly jazzy and easy listening song.

And thank you for your comment and your visit in my blog, i really appreciate it. I will reply your comment as soon as possible.

Have a nice week end :)

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22 komentar

  1. thank you so much for leaving comment on my blog and for such the warm welcome :) i really appreciate it :D anyways, i really like your bowler hat hihi :D it looks so cute :D keep blogging!

  2. i love your cute little hat. and i think u are so cute too. try to make your smile wider and show your teeth. that's better ;)

  3. yay i'm so happy you're blogging again! i love the photos, they have a beautiful dream like quality. cute hat too :)

  4. i love your bowler hat and thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!

  5. Really amazing outfit!! I like it...:)
    Mela xx
    Visit also my blog:

  6. love the bowler hat , look simple :)

  7. i really love the 2nd photo there !
    your bowler hat is awesome !

    www.glisters and

  8. I am loving the bowler hat... I was looking for one then gave up on it and now might have to buy one since looking at yours..

    All the best, Angel

  9. Darling hat! You remind me of a male Coco Chanel! =)

  10. Welcome back, sir! This is a FABULOUS post. The photos are BEAAAUTIFUL. They're so sunny and summery and fresh and ahhh. I loooove it!

  11. thank you so much for your comment! nice hat! :D


  12. i have the same hat like yours but i have the white one..

  13. brilliant photos <3 i love kpop too!

  14. I want your hat! it's a lil bit hard to find the right hat for me

  15. cute hat!


  16. i really love this set of photos echa! simply lovely and i like the editing


  17. great photos!
    just curious but what camera and lens do you use?!?! :)

  18. thank you for your last comment, take a look of my new post! Enjoy your summer! xX

  19. hey thanks for the nice comment on my blog! and oh, you have marvelous photos in every post, but i mostly love this post! it's dreamy, the background blurs just nice, and your outfits are stunning.

    by the way, i'm curious too. what camera and lens do you use, especially to get that uberblur background? thanks! :)

  20. Great lighting in these shots! :)


Hey! thank you for leave some comment in my blog,i really appreciate it! I will reply in your blog. :)