Lana Del Rey takes The Fashion World by Storm

10:56 AM

It’s not often that a girl can say she’s had hundreds of handbags manufactured in her honour, but Lana Del Rey – pop star of the moment and apparent favourite of David Cameron – has been lucky enough to join this exclusive club, as the most recent muse for Mulberry creative director Emma Hill, who released an already-iconic bag earlier this year called the Del Rey.

Celebrities from Sienna Miller to Jennifer Lawrence have been seen out with the luxurious bag, which costs a cool £795. The flagship Mulberry store on Bond Street sold out on the first day of sales and the waiting list is steadily growing longer as people vie to get their hands on this must-have piece of wrist candy.

The Del Rey bag was initially only released in black and deer brown, and is reminiscent of the 1950s, with the singer’s distinctive retro look evident in its design. Hill said “we wanted it to be functional with an uptown twist… its shape implies structure yet it has gorgeous squidgeability!”

With a large front pocket and the signature postman’s lock to seal it, the Del Rey is both practical and stylish. The bag, which is now available in a multitude of colours including camel, deep red and blue, is looking to be serious competition for the hugely popular Alexa satchel bag, inspired by fashion icon and TV personality, Alexa Chung.

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