2018 I'M BACK !

9:47 AM

Hello Blog Universe, finally i'm decide to back on my blogging life. After super long hiatus, i will writing my blog again ( i'm promise). Well, some people ask me why you stop writing a blog for some years ago ? The answer is....  I'm too busy with my carrer as a Hotel Public Relation, sounds interesting and super fun. Now i'm still working as a Hotel Public Relation, Event Planner esepcially for event publication and now i'm a blogger to :).

As you know, the content of this blog mostly about my personal style, fashion and latest trend, but in the future i will filled up this blog with more topics like lifestyle, food, a good place for hangout etc. If you want to still update on my daily life you can see on my Instagram account @heiecha , so hope you will enjoy my blog again now.

For my first blogpost on 2018, i will post my personal style captured by one of famous Fashion Photographer Gde Wira at Sae Gde Studios.

White Shirt : H&M, Navy Blue T-shirt : H&M, Pants : XSML , White Sneakers: H&M.

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