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Another year, another age and of course the style also change. But, do you realize that fashion and style revolving into the previous era? The 90's stripes style hitting back on this year, as you know that now 90's era comeback to the fashion world, all the oversized cutting, the 90's R&B style, bomber Jacket until the 90's boyband and girls band style spred out on magazine. But currently i love the simple and effortless style, and i decide have a new hair cut with the bangs, what do you think about that ? Well, my outfit colour scheme turn into monochrome, basic colour and not so many colour mixing. In this post you can see the feel of 90's style clearly, of course in my own personalized 90's style way...

By the way, i want to rebranding my blog as a  number one Yogyakarta Men Fashion and Lifestyles. For the first rebranding i change my blog layout into more simple and elegant design, with a monochromatic colour scheme, i choose the classic one Black and White. So i hope you guys enjoy my blog with a new concept and more fresh idea.

Stripe Shirt : H&M, Pants :ZARA , Glasses: H&M , White Sneakers: H&M.

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  1. Hei you know what, black and white is my favorite color too.. Before i use a black and white template, but time has change, and i have to refresh the new look of my blog...

    1. yes black and white are effortlessly classic tone :)


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