Pajamas in Style

1:03 PM

The most favourite fashion items during this 3 months is Pajamas or Kimono Outer. Some people asked me are you wearing pajamas, are you wearing bath kimono...? No, i'm wearing the style inspired by the pajamas. Maybe it's kind a weird when you wearing on formal occasion, but it's really perfectly match if you goes to a chill party, tea party, or lazy day style. You will have an outstanding Pjamas in Style.
This is my really simple personal style for daily outfit, when i go out only with White Shirt, Sneaker, Cotton Trouser and of course the pajamas. You will look nice and grab peoples attention, because they will focusing on your signature outer... The Weather is rainy and sometime hot here at Yogyakarta, so this outer will keep you warm when cold but still really comfort when the weather turn in to sunny.

Pjamas Outer : Hardware, White T-shirt: H&M, Pants :ZARA ,White Sneakers: H&M.

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