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So long time, i didn't post about Fashion and Style. This post will be different because i took the photos with Fashion Editorial Concept. The red line of this concept is Sporty Luxe, a sporty outfit combine with luxury style, shimmering bomber jacket, transparent hat and white fila distuptor as a statement in this look. And in 2019 i will keep movin' forward for my life, because life is all about movin, progression and not stuck... So keep in spirit in 2019 guys....

Black Top : H&M, Jacket: RoughNeck, Pants :Local Brand ,Hat: J,aDior , Shoes: Fila.

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  1. These are great shots! And you are totally right, life means moving forward! I had difficult times the last months, but as it is written in my horoscope on, the last weeks times got better and better. I think 2019 is the year to move on and take the steps towards ones goals. I wish you a great year! :)


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